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Where Legends and the Cosmos Meet
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Where legends and the cosmos meet


When’s the last time you looked up at the stars shining brightly above you? Or witnessed a meteor shower and marveled at Saturn’s rings?

It’s your turn to explore the mysteries of the universe.

Through our state-of-the art telescopes, you’ll experience the wonders of the night sky as you’ve never seen them before. Our experienced guides weave together the myths and legends behind each constellation, combining breathtaking views and awe-inspiring astronomy with the heroes, lovers, and tragic figures from cultures around the world.


Learn about our past, present, and future in one unforgettable night.

Take a journey through the cosmos while listening to the stories written in the stars and shared throughout the course of human history. No clouds, no light pollution, no crowds. Just you, the quiet desert, and the stars.


Adventure Awaits 

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