As you immerse yourself in the wonders of our universe, your private guide will take you on a journey through the heavens through the world's oldest medium: storytelling.

On your two-hour tour, you'll witness stunning views of constellations and far-off galaxies while listening to the millennia-old myths and legends written in the sky. Experience the joys, heartache, betrayals, love, and heroic deeds that bring the stars to life and connect with our past, present, and future in one unforgettable night.

As the Earth spins through our solar system, different phenomena appear in our night sky, making every tour unique. Your personal guide will curate your tour to capture any special astrological events, including meteor showers and planet sightings. 

The practical side of things

Each tour is two hours long and begins after sunset. During April-September, tours run from 8-10 PM and during October-March tours run from 6-8 PM and 9-11 PM.

What's a show without delicious refreshments? We'll help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter with our specialty beverage packages and hand-selected sweet and savory snacks. And don't worry about being on your feet for two hours. We provide chairs and outdoor ottomans so you can relax and take in your guide's tales in comfort.

We don't provide transportation, so please keep that in mind when choosing your tour location. We have agreements with several resorts in the Coachella Valley to host private tours onsite for their guests, and you can see the full list on our reservation form.


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