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Where Legends and the Cosmos Meet

Events Under The Stars

Whether you’re saying “I do,” hosting a private party, or throwing a big company bash, what could be more beautiful than enjoying the natural wonders of our night sky at your one-of-a-kind celebration?


Elevate your next event by including a unique guided journey through the cosmos.

You and your guests will enjoy a stargazing experience designed to complement your event style and schedule. This can include a drop-in format where guests flow in and out of the stargazing area as they please, a series of 30-minute mini-tours that will repeat throughout the evening, a full three-hour extravaganza to the moon and back, and any other combination you can dream up. 

While the universe is ever-changing, our love and fascination with the stars is constant. As storytellers, we combine awe-inspiring science with the romance and mystery of the cosmos. Our guides will delight your guests with stories written in the stars hundreds and thousands of years ago, while sharing little-known facts about the universe and new discoveries in astronomy.

Make merry under the same sky as Dionysus and the legendary figures of old and give your guests an experience they’ll never forget.

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